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So beneficial for your patients
So beneficial for your practice

The watershed moment of my career occurred nearly twenty years ago when I treated my first menopause patient, Debra, with bioidentical hormones. Hormones changed her life and they changed mine.

Nearly two decades before this moment, I trained the very first six nurse practitioners in America (there are now more than 250,000).

Five years from now your practice could be much like it is now, but more complex, with more strings tying you to it, and ever-higher expenses, or… you could know you’re truly a master of something, have better patient outcomes, have a scalable business that works whether you’re there or not, and be building towards a secure future. Specialization could change your life. This is what we’re here for.

If you thrive, and she thrives, we thrive!

Daved Rosensweet MD


How We Can Help Your Practice…

Practical, evidence-based, menopause medicine: Everything you need to accurately determine dosages, test, and prescribe bio-identical hormones in an organic base.