Philip “Flip” Troiano, MD

Flip suit Dr. Philip “Flip” Troiano, MD, is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who now practices functional and regenerative medicine, which incorporates anti-aging and peptide therapies. He is a fellow in the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute (SSRP) and a founding member of the Wisconsin Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Flip earned his undergraduate BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin – School of Medicine. He did his internship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, where he earned the Dr. Bruno Epstein Achievement award in recognition of Meritorious Service in the care of patients. He finished his second year of Internal Medicine residency and his Emergency Medicine Residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Flip practiced Emergency Medicine as faculty in the Section of Trauma and Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin and for 25 years in the Aurora system, Milwaukee, WI.

While in the Emergency Department, he became increasingly concerned with the standard practice of medicine which emphasizes the treatment of symptoms but does little to encourage a root cause analysis of the disease process.

In the field of functional and regenerative medicine, Dr. Flip discovered that we already have the science and the ability to diagnose and reverse or significantly alter the course of many chronic diseases plaguing us today.

Following a thorough evaluation of history, genetic factors, environmental exposures, nutritional status, sleep patterns, stress levels, support systems, exercise habits, and laboratory testing, an individualized plan of care is developed. These plans integrate lifestyle modifications and relevant, evidence-based science from both traditional and alternative medicine to restore and maintain health.

Dr. Flip’s goal is to help his patients lead healthy, happy lives filled with boundless energy, restful sleep, increased mobility, less pain, and great vitality.