If ever...

There were a key to holistic health and happiness, it would most certainly include hormone replenishment.

Because hormones, of course, cover everything. They matter for long-term health. They span all of our patients’ lives for half of their lifetimes. Nothing else is quite like this.

We get to witness how symptom alleviation changes lives while knowing it’s the long-term benefits we’re giving them is where the power really lies.


It’s not rocket surgery…

But (like almost anything important) it kinda is!

It’s primarily four hormones. Just four moving parts to know deeply and fully. Not something that picked up in an eight-hour lecture. Not pieces hodge-podged together over the years. Research-based. Standard of Care. Complete.

Everything you need to thrive in menopause medicine.

We, practitioners, are alone out there…

(Not true)
We asked ourselves fifteen years ago, “what if we formed a network where we learned from one another and with one another? Where we shared our mistakes, and accomplishments, the latest information, and the mechanisms of healing and efficiency that lead to better outcomes?” Finish the training and join us in Grand Rounds.

Because holistic practitioners don’t make money…

Forget that! Or, REMEMBER IT, but do something different than you’ve done up to this point. The most common two stories we hear are: 1) Doctors that are struggling to fill their book, and (2) the doctors that have! Turns out, either it’s not enough to cover the nut, or it’s a full book, more money than ever before, but a ceiling with the only solution being an even longer work-week. Neither feels good. Neither is sustainable. It doesn’t take asking too deeply to get at what’s happening to their own health. To their families. Lost sleep. Lost hair. Lost days and weeks and years. There is another way. A systematic, checklist-driven, method, where tools are in place to save your time, your patients’ money, and to reduce mistakes.

What if, for example, your patients had an app that reminded them to take their hormones, reminded them how to take them, and reminded them just how much to take (both day and night)?

What if you had calculators that synced with their app, that helped you adjust their prescriptions, track their progress, and that gave you one-button prescriptions?


Because it’s about the money…

The push and the pull of it all.

It can feel like this: lower your prices to help more patients, but then struggle to keep everything afloat. Raise your prices, and be able to take a deep breath, but deny treatment to so many patients – humans.

There are ways to eat the cake you have.

When you save time where it doesn’t need to be spent, you have time left over for better, friendlier service, and the rest of life too. When you save a patient money where it’s not coming out of your fees, you put more money in their pocket and more in yours too. We can help with this.

Something different…

If what you do is exactly like the other practitioners in your town then the only ways to differentiate yourself will come down to a fancier office, glitzier marketing, or lower prices.

Otherwise known as a scramble.

What if what you had to offer touched on topics that your patients care a lot about? What if, for instance, you could say, “Do you know what’s in those other prescriptions? How do you feel about Cyclopentasiloxane and methylchloroisothiazolinone (Versabase)? Oh, or maybe Phenoxyethanol and Dimethicone (Lipoderm)? Do you want to put Acrylates Copolymer, MICA, Coco-Glucoside, Titanium Dioxide, and Sodium Hydroxide (Vanicream) on your skin for the rest of your life?” What if you could answer, “I don’t use that stuff. The base I use is 100% solvent-free and 100% organic. Oh, and also, it’s about half the price.”

Think your patients care about toxins? Think they care about savings like that? Think they might just tell more people about you?!?

What if you radically transformed your practice…

Do something different and get a different result. Less stress. Less of that nagging sense that maybe there’s something missing in what you’re doing. The thorough mastery of a subject. Community to do it with and to grow with.
We are The Institute of BioIdentical Medicine. Our mission is to help millions of women get the greatest benefit from cBHRT while helping practitioners to thrive in menopause medicine.