Happy Healthy Hormones: Free Training

Dr. R-400One of my favorite moments is when I’m talking to a medical professional and I see that “aha” look wash across her or his face.

It’s something like this: “Oh my goodness, my future might not be just more of the same.”

As you’ll hear, this happened for me twenty-five years ago.  I’d always loved being a doctor.  I’d always loved holistic medicine.  What changed is that I saw a way – the way – that I could do the most good.  I’ve never looked back.

I saw a path to a simpler practice.  

I saw a path to improved patient outcomes.

I saw a path away from that lingering concern that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t really a master of my craft (even for all of my life’s commitment to this goal).

Here’s the journey you’re embarking on:

Reference-based medicine.  

Less Gobbledegook.  None of us need our heads crammed with esoteric and inapplicable knowledge.  

If you can’t use it when a real human sits before you, we’ve taken it out.  If it’s not Monday morning ready, it’s not in here.  If it isn’t designed for efficiency and consistency then we’re not going to bore you with it.  

Now…  if it does help you to streamline your process, reduce your stress, and increase your success, well that is in here.

The training you need.  A community to grow with and share both your learning experiences and your wins.  A place to go with tough cases.  Not just a training, but a thorough program with all the tools and follow-through to take you as far in menopause medicine as you want to go.

And if you don’t already know it, hormones are amazing!  My experience is that there are few tools as powerful that can so radically change our patients’ lives… and thus our own.

Today you get to begin a process that can be deeply life-changing for both you and your patients.

You will, of course, get from this experience what you put into it. Only you know if you have truly absorbed a lesson. Only you know how much time to put towards a particular concept or just how many times to re-watch a particular video.

Remember that moment of truth that will come when you’re with a patient who is facing her own precipice and only your skills (or lack thereof) can bring her back.

We are here to help you. Call on us. Call out the best in us. Help us to continue to improve the standard of care in this amazing field of medicine! We are, after all, on this journey together!”